Bits of Jones and Mike: Honest, adult, real conversations about life

MikePics_WithJonesWarriorJones has always been a curiosity to Mike: A single, never-married, child-free, south-side Chicago son of two Irish immigrants, who’s now knocking on the door of middle age as a city-dwelling, transcendental meditating, hockey-playing, Cubs-rootin’, Brazilian ju jitsu-trainin’, grocery-store vegan.

Mike is the quintessential suburban dad by comparison: a Naperville-living, beer-lovin’, 40-something, long-married father of 4. Mike has traded in his guitar, martial arts, and motorcycling for the ignominy of ferrying “wee-Noonans” to various sports or dance practices.

Despite their disparate life experiences, the high school friends are determined to get to the bottom of what Prince called “this thing called life”: family and kids, politics and history, wives and women, business and money, people and perspectives, sports and fighting, & pop culture and America.

Jones and Mike. Real radio that’s unashamed, unfiltered, and unafraid.

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Who is Jones?



Transcendental meditation practitioner

Hockey playing, Brazilian Jui Jitsu-training triathlete

Grocery store vegan

Chicago city dweller

Sensibly Consuming 100% Irishman

Die-hard sports fan

Peace, love, & understanding

Second City alumnus

Cast member and former producer of A&E’s “Paranormal Cops”

Who is Mike?


Married father of 4

Old school Catholic

Motorcycling, martial arts-studying marathoner

Committed carnivore

Longtime resident of Naperville

Beer swilling 100% Irishman

Die-hard sports fan

An eye for an eye

97.9 The Loop and US 99.5 alumnus

(Whatever, Jones.  Show off.)

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