Jones and Mike – 10/20/15: What’s the best way to die? And can a Cubs World Series victory change the future trajectory of their fans’ lives?

As the long rumored fate of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was confirmed by the Dutch Safety Board, and the world learned with certainty that Flight 17 was shot down by a Russian-made missile; Jones asks the macabre question that we all think about in our darkest moments, “What is the worst way to die?” As the guys work to decide what is the preferred way to die tragically, Mike recalls an awkward moment at Jones’s mother’s deathbed. Discussing all things death, Jones tells Mike about visiting the wax covered body of St. Maria Goretti, and Mike wonders, “Why all the fuss over ex-Laker and Khloe Kardashian spouse, Lamar Odom?” before the pair close out the show wondering, “If the Cubs win the World Series, could that change the way that Cub fans see themselves?”

Show Highlights:
01:07 – Jones asks Mike, “What is the worst way to die?”
08:54 – The guys debate the best way to die tragically.
21:00 – Jones visits a religious relic at a church in Orland Park, and the guys discuss the demise of Lamar Odom.
49:23 – Jones and Mike discuss the Cubs playoff chances and wonder, “If the Cubs win the World Series, could that change the way their fans see themselves?”

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