Jones and Mike Need Your Help! Support independent talk radio!

So, here’s the s***: We hope that you are a fan of independent lifestyle talk…talk free of corporate and commercial mandates. We humbly and gratefully ask that you support the Jones and Mike show so that we can give you the “No S*** Zone” you yearn for in this world full of prissy pantywaists and poseurs. We are asking for your monthly support of $1, $5, $10, whatevs! We have started our own Patreon page, and we encourage you to Google, Patreon, type in S*** Dudes Say and from there you will find a video that we have created for you so you can see our goals for this show and what we want to offer you:

    • Grow the show from weekly to 3 hour every single weekday
    • 24/7 video and audio channel and mobile app
    • Video and audio how you like it: On your phone, in your car, wherever!
    • Cultivate a community of fellow travelers who hook up with us on the show and where we go: At live events around our hometown of Chicago, and, in time, America and worldwide!
    • Build a media dojo HQ that will be our base of operations
    • Staff this s*** and churn out content day in, day out for you!
    • Remain independent to say s*** how it is. When the suits are paying you, they’re playing you. We are determined to keep it real, unfiltered, uncensored, and unafraid. The way to do that is to build a community here and pull together!

Since 2014 we’ve been producing this show by its bootstraps, and now it’s time to make it bigger, better, and bolder. We hope you’ll join us!

Together we can make dudes great again. We have a dream, drive, and desire and, with your support, together we can get there! Let’s do this s***!




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