Jones and Mike – 07/01/15: Jones Survives A Stalker; Mike Considers Donning His Boy Shorts At ‘Pride’

Minding his own business on a normal Tuesday afternoon Jones receives a text message from an unknown number. Initially he thinks nothing of it until the messages continue to roll in for hours on end, some taunting, some sexual… Jones is being stalked. (Don’t laugh this is serious.) As Jones relays the details of his stalking Mike recalls a news story that he saw from earlier in the week about a family in New Jersey that is currently being stalked by a man known as The Watcher. Fearing for their lives the guys switch gears and talk about the 2015 Pride Parade, and disappointing experiences from Pride Parades of yesteryear.

Show Highlights:

01:07 – Jones tells Mike about being stalked earlier in the week.

10:00 – Jones meets his stalker.

28:41 – Mike discusses “The Watcher,” a man who has been terrorizing a family in New Jersey and threatening the safety of the children in the house.

46:15 – Mike and Jones discuss the 2015 Pride Parade.


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