Jones and Mike – 10/06/15: Jones Makes A Shocking Confession In This Age of ‘Self-Identification’

As he prepares to take his daughters to a You Tube Expo at Chicago’s Copernicus Theater, Mike laments the slow, sleepy pace of his life.  Jones, preferring to live life in a slumber, details his dreams of being a junkie…a hydro-codeine junkie. After perennial nice guy, Jones, confesses to his junkie fantasy he goes one step further and admits to trolling and fat shaming a co-worker.  Then the icing on his “mean cake” is calling Steve Bartman a “wimp” for avoiding the spotlight since his involvement in the infamous 2003 Game 5 “foul ball” incident at Wrigley.   Completing his “crazy trifecta, Jones predicts that the Cubs get to the World Series!

Show Highlights:

01:08 – Mike rues his boring life as he prepares to take his daughters to a “You Tuber” show, and Jones reveals his “junkie fantasy.”
10:10 – Jones and Mike discuss the difference between narcissism and genuine self-identification. And Jones details his “junkie fantasy.” (It’s pretty soft!)
30:11 – Jones confesses to trolling and fat shamming a co-worker.
42:54 – Jones predicts that the Cubs will get to the World Series…as long as they beat the Pirates.  He also claims Steve Bartman is a “wimp” for eschewing the limelight completely for 12 years.

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