Jones and Mike – 01/24/15: Do We Even Need Religion?; Jones Says Women Want To Be Objectified

Jones and Mike go third rail yet again as they debate the necessity of religion. Using it as an instruction manual for life Mike sees religious dogma as an ethical roadmap used to keep one “on the rails” as you go through your daily routine. Eschewing the idea that any one religion is a path to eternal salvation the guys discuss the role it plays in modern society.  Changing gears, Jones talks about a Huffington Post article he discovered earlier in the week regarding the objectification of women.  The article inspires him to ask the question, is it possible that women want to be objectified?

Show Highlights:

01:07 – The guys discuss the destructive role that religion can play in the world today.

08:36 – Jones and Mike discuss the role of religion in their personal lives.

19:50 – Jones presents Mike with his thesis that the majority of women want to be objectified.

31:31 – The guys discuss personal experiences that they’ve had with women who they feel wanted to be objectified.

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