Jones and Mike – 9/07/16: Should We Stand for Colin Kaepernick’s Right to Sit? And Should We Pay for the Sins of Apple?

Is Colin Kaepernick wrong to sit/ kneel down during the National Anthem? And should American’s stand up for a man’s right to sit? After all the National Anthem is totally racist anyway…you didn’t know that, well neither did we! Additionally, the guys debate whether a career in gambling is a good bet, or a bad bet. And Jones wants to know why the American public may have to foot the bill, to the tune of 14.5 billion dollars, to cover Apple’s European back tax penalty.

Show Highlights:
00:01:07 – Is Colin Kaepernick wrong? Jones says nay, and thinks we should all stand for Colin’s right to sit.
00:10:24 – How many Americans know the third, pro-slavery, verse of our national anthem?
00:33:50 – Can pursuing a career in Texas Hold ‘Em really pay off?
00:51:20 – Apple is dinged by the EU for back taxes and US citizens may have to foot the bill…how can that be?








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