Jones and Mike – 8/31/16: Prince Unites the Races, Godly Fathers versus Godfathers, And Your Facebook Image

Still mourning the loss of Prince, Jones tries to soothe his pain by attending a screening of Purple Rain at The Pritzker Pavilion. While attending the film Jones observes the various ways that different races enjoy entertainment, and Mike wonders why white folks are so lame in public. It’s back to school time, and in the Noonan household that means it’s time to return to religious education for the youngest of Mike’s brood. The guys discuss the subject matter that will be presented to Mike’s seven-year-old son, and Jones, the young child’s godfather, asks Mike how he will handle teaching the boy some Godly things that he, himself, does not believe in. And closing out the show the guys discuss the annoying social trend of manicuring your image on Facebook…is this really the new norm?

Show Highlights:
00:01:06 – Jones, still mourning the passing of Prince Rogers Nelson, attends a screening of Purple Rain at the Pritzker Pavilion.
00:10:29 – Jones observes the differences in the way different races participate in the movie going process.
00:33:44 – Mike struggles with teaching religion, when you don’t necessarily believe it all yourself!
00:53:11 – Controlling your image on Facebook…is this really the new norm?








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