Jones and Mike – 8/17/16: Can Jones be Arabian? And What Is Up with Malia Obama?

After an odd encounter with a local convenience store owner, Jones learns that after spending half his life under the roof of his Irish parents perhaps he is Arabian. A shocking discovery to say the least and one that leaves him wondering if it is appropriate to guess the race of another person. Continuing to travel down an international path the guys discuss the Olympic Games in Rio, from sofas submerging kayaks to competitors swimming in green water, the Games have been a string of bizarre catastrophes, NBC’s coverage notwithstanding. Closing out the show Jones and Mike discuss the odd lives of the children of our nation’s presidents from Maila to Jenna, and even a short detour into the world of Billy Carter, the guys wonder what it must be like for the relations of our country’s leadership.

Show Highlights:
00:01:07 – Is Jones Arabian?
00:10:21 – Is it appropriate to guess someone’s race?
00:25:37 – Jones and Mike discuss the Olympics, and NBC‘s bizarre coverage.
00:53:20 – What’s up with Malia Obama?







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