Jones and Mike – 8/03/16: Loving Inanimate Objects, Hating on Tall People and Athletes and Moral Character

Jones has a confession to make; he is in love with inanimate objects, worrying that they feel appreciated and concerned that they may ever come to know pain. Understandably Mike worries as he learns that not only does Jones care for inanimate objects as though they are living things but there are others out there that are just like him as well. Transitioning into things that Jones hates, he details people’s love of height in their fellow man and this leaves the 5’7” powerhouse grousing about the advantages that are often foisted upon tall people. And closing out the show in a tangent of “rage” Jones laments the Cubs acquisition of New York Yankees reliever Aroldis Chapman.

Show Highlights:
00:01:09 – Jones professes his undying love for inanimate objects.
00:12:25 – Mike discovers that treating inanimate objects as though they are living things is not an uncommon practice.
00:32:28 – Why do people prize height?
00:52:10 – Do fans care if star athletes lack moral character?







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