Jones and Mike – 7/27/16: Lollapalooza, Millennials and Rock, and Celebrity Beef

Jones has his Lollapalooza ticket locked and loaded and Mike wants to know why Jones even bothers to attend, can it be the booze, the drugs, the ladies or can it actually be the music? As Jones details the musical acts he will be seeing Mike breaks down each band and he wonders if Jones’s milennial friends will be in attendance along side him. The guys then close out the show as they debate which side each guy falls on, Team Taylor or Team Kanye?

Show Highlights:
00:01:07 – Jones is attending Lollapalooza and Mike wants to know if Jones will be doing any hard drugs.
00:13:35 – Mike vets the list of bands that Jones will be seeing at Lollapalooza this year.
00:46:19 – Jones and Mike wonder why millennials hate rock and luuuuvvvvv pop.
01:02:41 – Jones and Mike take sides in the Taylor Swift versus Kanye West debate.







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