Jones and Mike – 6/29/16: Americans Throw Schadenfreud on Euros, Stonecold things to say when threatened

It was a week of shadenfreude in the world of Jones and Mike as the guys laugh at the snooty Brits and their global foible, their “gloi-ble” if you will, as the UK voted to exit the European Union. Not to be outdone by their neighbors across the pond Jones and Mike discuss the folly that is the Brazilian Olympic Federation’s preparation for the Rio Games…that should have been Chicago’s Olympics, Mr. and Mrs. IOC, and you know it! And to close out the show the guys discuss the boldest things that they have ever said to someone while under threat or severe duress.

Show Highlights:
00:01:05 – Jones reveals himself as a schadenfreude aficionado.
00:10:53 – Jones revels in Brexit and how the Brits have exposed themselves to be dumber than Americans.
00:27:39 – The schadenfreude continues as Jones and Mike discuss the potential logistic and commercial failure of the Rio Olympics.
00:41:10 – What is the boldest thing that you have ever said to someone while under threat or severe duress?







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