Jones and Mike – 4/12/15: Beautiful People, Tax Refunds, and (Overnight) Fitness Tips

Barry Manilow is gay!  WHAT?!?!?!  The announcement that has rocked the world of pop culture gets bandied about on The Jones and Mike Show as the guys talk about the various perceptions that people can have about those around them and their relationships.  With April 15th right around the corner the guys discuss their tax situations as Mike finds himself writing a check and Jones finds himself getting one.  Dovetailing from refunds and pay outs to a discussion about the advantages that some enjoy because of their physical beauty, Jones details a story of a co-worker that imbibes in a number of advantages due to her attractive appearance.  As Jones and Mike continue their discussion about the advantages that beautiful people enjoy over others, they stop and take time to acknowledge the challenges and responsibilities that also come with the gift of physical splendor.  With all this talk of physical attractiveness the guys, appropriately, close out the show discussing Mike’s poorly executed half-marathon training program.

Show Highlights:

01:07 – Jones and Mike discuss the union of Barry Manilow and his partner.

11:27 – Its tax season and Mike can not understand why people get so excited about getting a refund check from the government.

22:56 – Jones and Mike discuss the advantages that physically beautiful people have over us “common folk.”

34:15 – Jones and Mike debate whether beautiful people have a “secret sauce” that others don’t have, and Jones offers up fitness tips for Mike as he finds himself waaaaaaayyyyyyyy behind on his preparation for his half-marathon race coming up in five weeks.

Cited in this episode:

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