Jones and Mike – 3/8/16: Which Lowers Your IQ, Weed or Politics? Do Chicks Dig Brawlers, and Is Donkey Basketball Abuse or Just Awesome?

Jones and Mike fill in for the inimitable Dave Plier (yes, THAT Dave Plier!) on 720 WGN Radio and use the 50,000 watt bully pulpit to hash out their thoughts on marijuana: Is it good for society that dispensaries can advertise openly? Is “medicinal marijuana” just a cover-story? Is weed a gateway drug? In hour two the guys ask whether getting whipped up in Presidential politics 8 months before the election a red flag that one has a low IQ. For that matter, is even the act of voting a sham or your civic duty? In hour three, they talk UFC 196, and ask if chicks dig fighters and whether women are ready to start supporting women’s athletics, and whether ‘Donkey Basketball’ is as awesome as it sounds, or really just a cute name for Ass Abuse. (Eat your heart out PETA. That phrase is ours and you can’t have it.)
Show Highlights:
00:01:20 – Is smoking marijuana truly acceptable behavior in 2016? (Mike isn’t so sure.)
00:08:55 – Mike speaks of his experience with “the pot.”
00:23:31 – Is there an ideal age to start smoking marijuana?
00:41:58 – Does voting in a national election have any effect on your life?
00:52:55 – Jones describes his stance on voting.
01:02:28 – Are politics the opiate of the not so bright?
01:13:02 – The guys discuss Skull and Bones and a rigged political system.
01:23:38 – The guys discuss UFC 196, and the rising popularity of women’s MMA.
01:33:59 – Are women attracted to men who fight?
01:42:37 – The guys discuss an upcoming Donkey Basketball competition at Oak Lawn Community High School.
01:54:06 – Is Donkey Basketball animal cruelty?







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