Jones and Mike – 12/15/15: Jones Laments His Social Inactivism, Are Brands Making Our Daughters Sluts?

With a long time friend in town for the weekend Jones is forced to cancel a man date with Mike…and Mike can’t let it go. Hoping to calm Mike’s anger Jones begins to “flog” himself for not being more of a political activist as he finds himself watching protest after protest walk passed him.  As the shame sinks in both Jones and Mike try to find issues that they would actually stand up and fight for…the list is pretty minuscule.  As the guys work to let go of their guilt the Rock Robot stops by the studio for a moment to review the debut album of the Kickbacks, and Jones talks about buying a Christmas gift for Mike’s daughter and his fear that teenage fashion is turning young girls into young women with low morals!

Show Highlights:

01:07 – Mike berates Jones for dressing in layers and not honoring a man “date” that they had established 6 months previous.

12:23 – The guys explore the idea of political activism, and wonder why they aren’t more protester-like themselves.

24:20 – Jones and Mike discuss the issues that would almost get them to protest, or actually do something that was sort of “protest-y”.

39:10 – The Rock Robot reviews the debut album of The Kickbacks, and Jones tells Mike about his Christmas shopping excursion that has left him wondering, are mainstream fashion brands turning our daughters into sluts?








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