Jones and Mike – 12/1/15: The Love Doctor Treats Jones, Do Women Hate Themselves?, & #CondomChallenge

Jones and Mike debut on the mothership, 720/ WGN-AM and reveal all… the nightmares they have of botching their first show, their successes and failures from Thanksgiving dinners, and they also take time to sit down with the author of Stop Moaning, Start Owning, Dr. Brian Russell to discuss Milenials and their sense of entitilement.  The guys also discuss the inspiration for Spike Lee’s latest film, Chiraq and they also sit down with Dr. Leslie Beth Wish, to discuss what women want from men.  Closing out the show, Jones asks, “Are women naturally haters?” and Mike wonders if your 40s are your worst decade…and of course there is the Condom Challenge!

Show Highlights:

01:02 – Mike admits to nightmares that he will screw up his WGN debut.

06:11 – Jones and Mike discuss Riot Fest presale tickets, their Thanksgiving dinners, and what Milenials want.

15:40 – Dr. Brian Russell, author of Stop Moaning, Start Owning, sits in with Jones and Mike to discuss the entitlement culture among Milenials.

25:07 – The guys continue with Dr. Russell and the Good Doctor rates Mike’s parenting skills.

37:11 – Jones and Mike talk about the protest marches for Laquan McDonald and the upcoming Spike Lee film, Chiraq.

45:42 – Do woman have the power to bring an end to violence? Jones and Mike discuss the idea of “no piece, until there is peace.”

56:52 – Jones and Mike sit down with Dr. Leslie Beth Wish to discuss her book, Smart Relations: How Smart Women Can Find Love.

01:06:35 – Jones and Mike reveal their best pickup lines to Dr. Leslie Beth Wish.

01:20:39 – Jones presents his life thesis…”Women are haters!”

01:27:29 – Mike wonders whatever happened to Marisa Tomei?  Can she possibly be a victim of the woman hate?!

01:39:55 – Are your 40s your worst decade?

01:48:36 – Is it time to take the Condom Challenge?

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