Jones and Mike – 11/10/15: Patrick Kane, GI Joe, Pentagon Propaganda, and the Debut of Rock Robot

Good Lord, Jones and Mike need a hero that they can believe in! As the US Defense Department comes clean over their pay to “play” arrangement with the NFL, as they honor soldiers during paid in game celebrations, Jones finds himself wondering, “what is a hero?” and Mike talks Smedley Butler. Don’t know Smedly Butler…do yourself a favor and listen to segment two. Amidst this fog of war and propaganda the guys hit the pause button for a moment and introduce their listening audience to the Rock Robot as he/ she/ it exposes Jones and Mike nation to the latest and greatest in the world of rock. Closing out the show the guys discuss the Eire County District Attorney’s Office dropping the criminal sexual assault case against Patrick Kane.

Show Highlights:
01:05 – The guys discuss the effects of military and police propaganda, and ask, “when is it time for the populace to finally rise up and ask questions?”
09:49 – Jones and Mike discuss the US Defense Department using in game NFL military soldier salutes as a recruitment tool.
36:00 – Jones and Mike introduce the Rock Robot, who reviews the latest album from England’s very own Frank Turner, and they also discuss Patrick Kane and the death of the sexual assault charges he faced in upstate New York.

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