Jones and Mike – 11/09/16: Processing the Chicago Cubs World Series Victory

Jones and Mike, like the rest of Chicago, are in shock, the Chicago Cubs are World Champions! Life-long, Die Hard Cub fans Jones and Mike detail their viewing experiences from the suburbs to Wrigleyville. In the days that followed the Cubs victory Jones drinks at Murphy’s…multiple times, visits his parent’s grave site to the Fly the W with Mom and Dad one more time, and drives past McNally’s on the Southside to exercise some Cubbie blue demons! (Mike simple drinks whisky on the rocks, and waits for next year…with feverish anticipation!) With one eye on next year the guys make their Cubs predictions for 2017 and review each player’s playoff performance.

Show Highlights:
00:01:07 – Jones and Mike discuss where they were when the Chicago Cubs won the World Series.
00:11:59 – Jones details how he spent the days that followed the Cubs World Series victory. From drinking at Murphy’s to, well, more drinking at Murphy’s.
00:31:04 – The guys review, and grade, the Cubs playoff roster and make predications for 2017.







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