Jones and Mike – 10/27/15: Racial Funny Bones, Celeb Holograms, & Matthew McConaughey’s Soothing Strangeness

Out for a night of culture, Jones hits up the Broadway Playhouse for “Unspeakable” a play about the life of Richard Pryor. Jones details a curious theater experience as he witnesses an audience laughing uproariously as Richard Pryor is seen and somewhat celebrated for beating his wives and girlfriends. Sitting with a largely African-American audience, Jones discusses the fascinating discourse he had with his fellow audience members during intermission.


Still feeling like they’ve just been stung as they press against their Cubbie blue bruises, the guys will themselves to sit through a 2015 playoff review and Mike and Jones debate their hate (Mike) and love (Jones) of Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln car commercials.


Show Highlights:

01:06 – Jones and Mike discuss the play “Unspeakable,” the life story of Richard Pryor.

12:45 – The guys discuss how humor can vary among races.

39:40 – The guys go post-mortem on the Chicago Cubs “magical” playoff run, and Jones professes his love for Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln commercials.

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Cited in this episode:  
Jones POV as the Cubs clinch the NLDS

1 hour of Matthew McConaughey watching rain and drinking coffee




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