Jones and Mike – 10/26/16: The Twenty-five Most Attractive Men of All Time, and Putting the Fear of God in Your Kids

In a moment of weakness Mike questions why his wife agreed to marry him, and Jones wonders why women get the vapors for the most average of gentlemen. Combing through Harper’s Bazaar 25 Most Attractive Men of All Time the guys try to figure out what women find attractive, and noting the early days of Scottie Pippen’s divorce proceedings the guys also discuss how men ruin relationships, when they are lucky to have the woman they got. Finally, Mike tells Jones about putting the fear of God in his oldest daughter, and he asks Jones, is it possible to instill too much fear?

Show Highlights:
00:01:07 – Mike wonders why his wife chose to marry him? (Why are women attracted to the men that they are attracted to?)
00:11:47 – Jones and Mike comb through Harper’s Bazaar 25 Most Attractive Men of All Time.
00:30:55 – Why do men ruin relationships with women that are hotter than they are?
00:45:18 – Putting the fear of God in your kids, how much is too much?







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