Jones and Mike – 10/13/15: ‘1%-er’ Jones Hits The Hawks Banner Raising, Witnesses Workplace Sexual Harassment, and Learns The Meaning of Soggy Waffle

“One-percenter” Jones goes to the Opening Night Banner raising ceremony and he and Mike recall great moments in their personal United Center history. Mike, curious about the reception that Kane received at the United Center, discusses the difference in the reception Kane received in his first road game versus his first tilt at the United Center. Transitioning from Patrick Kane to workplace harassment the guys discuss sexual harassment at the office; what constitutes harassment, and when does it start?

Show Highlights:
01:06 – Jones goes to the Blackhawks Opening Night banner raising ceremony, and he and Mike talk about other great United Center experiences.
12:56 – The guys discuss the difference between the fan’s reactions at Patrick Kane’s first home and road game of the year.
24:37 – Jones tells Mike about being exposed to workplace sexual harassment earlier in the week.

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