Jones and Mike – 10/12/16: Jones Unmasks an Abuser, Observes Suburbanites at Wrigley, And Runs from Chuck E Cheese’s

Jones is gifted a ticket to game 1 of baseball’s National League Division Series and he is “attacked” at work by his manager, who feels she should be given a ticket…perhaps even his? Seeing that Jones’s manager resides in the suburbs maybe he has done his manager a favor as Jones observes suburbanites struggle to navigate Wrigleyville and the inner walls of Wrigley Field itself. And creepy clowns are on the move in Evergreen Park, and as the community shivers, Jones rejoices in creepy clown love. Speaking of creepy, the guys discuss the downfall of Chuck E Cheese, and its lock-down, glock-down clientele.

Show Highlights:
00:01:06 – Jones outs his abuser, via secret recording.
00:14:31 – Why do suburbanites struggle so much when they go to the “big city?”
00:43:18 – Creepy clowns are appearing in the Chicagoland area, and Jones is in heaven.
00:59:13 – Is Chuck E Cheese’s really the place you get diseases?







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