Jones and Mike – 09/24/15: The Kurious Kase of Kaner’s Kit, and Are Fans of A Certain Chicago Team The Grossest of The Gross?

Jones and Mike discuss the twist and turns in the Patrick Kane case, Mike feels as though we can root for Kaner again…and to his own surprise Jones was leaning toward agreeing with Mike until “a package” showed up on the accuser’s mother’s door…and now all hell has broken loose! Jones and Mike go full NPR Serial-style as they recall the details of the early days of what happened on that fateful night in Hamburg, New York. The guys struggle to understand how the media release so many conflicting reports, and ultimately decide it’s all too much for them and they wind up closing the show by talking about eating boogers at the Bears game.

Show Highlights:
01:04 – Jones and Mike discuss their exhaustion with the twist and turns of the Patrick Kane sexual assault case.
08:51 – Jones and Mike discuss the possibility that Patrick Kane is being set up.
20:40 – Why are there so many conflicting stories and media reports surrounding the case of #88?
31:11 – Mike watches a man eat his boogers at a Bears game.

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