Jones and Mike – 09/16/15: Our Guilty Verdicts In The Patrick Kane Case

Blackhawks Training Camp kicks off on Friday, September 18th and Jones and Mike wonder what type of reception awaits Patrick Kane. Rumors out of Buffalo suggest Kane is seeking a financial settlement with his alleged victim and Jones and Mike debate if a settlement for #88 will signal an end to his tenure in Chicago. With the understanding that a financial settlement will all but end any chance that Kane will face criminal charges the guys ask the tough question, “what does a financial settlement say about the intentions of Kane’s alleged victim?” Closing out the show on a lighter note, Mike asks Jones which oddball Blackhawks player he would choose to represent in jersey form.

Show Highlights:

01:08 – With Blackhawks Training Camp just days away, Jones struggles with what he is learning about Patrick Kane. And Mike wonders if anyone will have the stones to wear a #88 “Kane-her” jersey.

08:51 – If Patrick Kane settles out of court with his alleged victim should the Blackhawks shop Kane? (Yes, they should.)

19:52 – What does a financial settlement say about Patrick Kane’s alleged victim’s intentions?

30:40 – What oddball Blackhawks jersey should Jones purchase, now that #88 is no longer in vogue?




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