Jones and Mike – 09/09/15: Our Dystopian Future of Hacks, Viruses, & ‘People Zoos’

Jones and Mike have had it with technology! Having had their website hacked for the second time in a matter of months, the guys begin to wonder if they are under attack by man…or Artificial Intelligence. Having recently read Our Final Invention by James Barrat, Jones details his fear of AI and the dominant role it will play over mankind in the very near future. Discussing the dangers of AI, the guys talk about infamous computer viruses like Stuxnet and Mike plays audio from an automated robot that threatens to put (hu)mankind in a people zoo…where it will keep us safe, and warm. One can only hope…Mike needs a break from this s&@!


Show Highlights:

01:06 – Jones and Mike detail having their website hacked earlier in the week, and they also recall a previous hacking from earlier in the year.

9:03 – The guys discuss being hacked by fundamentalist Muslims (more likely, teenagers from Minnesota posing as ISIS sympathizers, but who knows?). And Jones reveals his panic over a future where mankind will be living under the thumb of AI.

19:41 – Jones and Mike discuss the relationship between computer hacking and Artificial Intelligence.

30:37 – Mike plays audio from a robot that threatens to enslave his human interviewer in a “people zoo.”
Cited on this show:


Our Final Invention by James Barrat
Watch this and meet the robot who’s more clever and has way more lady-game than Jones:


Watch this incredibly scintillating publicity video by the supposed hacktivist team, Anonghost.  They’re the jerkstores that hacked in May.  (Thanks, jags!   Killer vid, tho!)




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