Jones and Mike – 09/06/17: Mike Bledsoe of Barbell Shrugged Talks Fitness and Psychedelics, and Group Texts that Get Wild

• When looking to enhance your mind/ body connection can Cross-fit training and psychedelic drugs really go hand-in-hand with one another?
• What do you do when debaucherous group texts go to the next level?

Show Highlights:
00:01:25 – Fitness expert Mike Bledsoe of Barbell Shrugged sits down with Jones and Mike.
00:05:25 – Mike Bledsoe discusses his transition from high school recluse to Navy Seal candidate.
00:13:28 – Bledsoe discusses the difference between what happens in the military and what is reported in the media.
00:20:12 – Mike B discusses his transition from the Navy to personal training.
00:27:40 – Mike Bledsoe tells Jones and Mike how he started his first personal training business, and failed.
00:32:06 – Jones asks Mike Bledsoe how he started his fitness podcast, “Barbell Shrugged.”
00:38:03 – Mike B details his experience with psychedelics and microdosing.
00:45:35 – Does your body hold on to and store stress and trauma?
00:53:03 – Is Jones ready for ayahuasca?
01:01:05 – Mike Bledsoe talks about the personal growth that he experienced at Burning Man.
01:01:37 – Mike Bledsoe discusses life in an open marriage.
01:11:18 – Is mental/ emotional fitness more important that physical fitness when trying to lose weight?
01:20:08 – Group text etiquette…is it possible to get too much BBC?
01:24:09 – Jones details his experience with debaucherous group texts.
01:30:13 – What starts naughty group texts?
01:36:40 – How to participate in group texts that go too far.

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