Jones and Mike – 09/01/15: The United States of Apologies…Who’s Apologizing and What For?

Living in the United States of Apologies Jones and Mike debate one another about the necessity and sincerity of public apologies. Using the backdrop of ESPN Baseball Analyst Curt Schilling’s tweet about radical Islamists and Nazis, the guys discuss the public’s inability to push themselves away from spoon fed sound bites and meaningless apologies and demand that the mainstream media give them the full picture of what is happening in the news stories that are being presented and debated. At the end of the day however, the guys know that partisanship talks and sensible discussion walks, and the pair debate, “who becomes more unhinged when they share their viewpoints, conservatives or liberals?”

Show Highlights:

01:08 – The guys discuss twenty-first century America’s new penchant for apologizing, and they wonder aloud, why did ESPN’s Curt Schilling apologize for his tweet about Islamic extremists?

08:48 – Jones wonders, “who anointed the mainstream US media to be the arbiters of Islamic thought?”

20:03 – Jones and Mike tell you why expressing your opinion on Twitter and other social media forums is dumb. (But please continue to listen to their podcast, thank you.)

30:49 – The guys debate who defends their political positions more manically, conservatives or liberals. And Mike reveals his admiration for Donald Trump’s backbone.


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