Jones and Mike – 08/29/17: Andrew Ferebee Defines Masculinity in the 21st Century, and MayMac and Ali versus Frazier

* Andrew Ferebee, from the Knowledge for Men podcast, defines masculinity in 21st Century men?
* Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather…the new Ali vs. Frazier?

Show Highlights:
00:01:11 – Andrew Ferebee, from the Knowledge for Men podcast sits down with Jones and Mike and defines what a real man is.
00:05:04 – Jones questions Andrew on the varying degrees that men can live a masculine life.
00:10:02 – Can men be too masculine to connect with women and family?
00:15:00 – Andrew talks about facing mortality and what you can do with your life while you’re living it.
00:20:10 – Should men talk about masculinity…or is that too girly?
00:25:24 – Can men, like former Navy Seal, and author of Extreme Ownership, Jocko Willink, be too masculine?
00:35:14 – Andrew addresses the value of being vulnerable as a man.
00:40:20 – How do men exercise their inner “warrior” and meet women?
00:44:57 – When does masturbation become an issue for men?
00:50:43 – Is manliness subjective?
00:55:50 – The guys review Conor McGregor/ Floyd Mayweather.
00:59:57 – Was the fight stopped early?
01:02:07 – Why was the Conor/ Floyd card so bad?
01:06:58 – Did Mayweather out McGregor, McGregor?
01:10:46 – Did you watch the fight with a pro-Mayweather or pro-McGregor crowd?

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