Jones and Mike – 08/25/15: How Many Jared Fogles Walk Among Us?, and About Your Ashley Madison Account…

As Jared Fogle pleads guilty in federal court to child pornography charges and traveling to pay for sex with minors, the guys believe that they are looking at a dead man walking. Jones and Mike try to dive into the mind of a Jared Fogle and debate if he was damaged goods from the beginning, or if there was something that he could have done to address and erase his devious desires. Not naive enough to believe the problem stops with Jared Fogle the guys talk about visiting sex offender registries and the eye opening, and frightening, information they provide…”Jareds” are everywhere! On a somewhat lighter note the guys close out the show discussing the Ashley Madison data hack, and a co-host on the show makes a shocking admission!

Show Highlights:

01:07 – Jones and Mike discuss what pedophile, ex-Subway pitchman Jared Fogle will face when he gets locked up.

08:46 – Jones and Mike try to dive into the mind of a Jared Fogle, was he damaged goods from the start. Can a pedophile do something about his/ her urges?

19:54 – The guys discuss how many “Jared Fogles” are out in society, walking alongside us everyday.

31:02 – One of the guys confesses to having an Ashley Madison account.


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