Jones and Mike – 08/22/17: Dan Witmer of Zen Dude Fitness Talks Jump Rope, and Would Mike Fight an Old Man?

• How you can get ripped while jump rope with the guys from Zen Dude Fitness.
• When is it okay to fight an old man?

Show Highlights:
00:01:11 – Mike questions Jones’s ability at jumping rope.
00:06:37 – Dan Witmer from Zen Dude Fitness talks jumping rope for fitness with Jones and Mike.
00:12:40 – Dan tells the guys why they moved Zen Dude Fitness to LA.
00:17:45 – Dan talks about how he got into jump rope fitness.
00:22:05 – Strength training versus jump rope training.
00:26:05 – Jones talks about the first time he did a Zen Dude Fitness workout.
00:30:13 – Jones does 1000 push ups, 1000 pull ups, 1000 squats a day.
00:36:31 – Jones asks Dan what his body fat percentage is.
00:40:21 – High fat diet versus Atkins and Paleo.
00:44:23 – Dan talks intermittent fasting.
00:49:50 – Dan talks about counting calories.
00:55:57 – Dan talks about getting high and coming up with the name of Zen Dude Fitness.
01:01:50 – Can marijuana play a positive role in fitness?
01:04:00 – Dan talks about his ayahuasca experience.
01:12:08 – Mike worries that he may come to blows with his elderly neighbor.
01:16:24 – Jones almost fights an old man in the produce section of Trader Joe’s.
01:22:11 – Jones recalls near conflicts that he had at work.
01:26:14 – Jones recalls an old man neighbor that died in a road rage fight.

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