Jones and Mike – 08/15/17: Ron Miscavage talks about being the father of the leader of The Church of Scientology, and Is Google a 21st Century Cult?

* Ron Miscavage, father of David Miscavage, leader of The Church of Scientology, discusses life in the Church, his escape, and his tell all memoir, Ruthless.
* Is Google’s corporate culture akin to a 21st Century cult?

Show Highlights:
00:01:08 – Jones and Mike discuss their early understandings of the Church of Scientology.
00:05:05 – Jones think L. Ron Hubbard is a “mad” genius.
00:12:11 – Ron Miscavage, author of Ruthless, joins the show and talks about how he is no longer a Scientologist.
00:15:25 – Ron details how he escaped the Church of Scientology.
00:20:09 – Ron discusses the Church’s policy of familial disconnection.
00:25:08 – Ron talks about his goal for writing his tell all memoir, Ruthless.
00:30:23 – Ron recalls the first time he introduced Scientology to his son David.
00:35:27 – What is the spiritual side of Scientology?
00:40:10 – Ron talks about joining the Sea-Org.
00:45:20 – How does Scientology make you better?
00:50:17 – Ron gets his wife out of Scientology.
00:55:10 – Ron discusses the mindset that is required to escape a cult.
00:56:28 – Ron tells Jones and Mike where the estranged wife of David Miscavage, Shelly, now lives.
01:04:57 – Ron details how you can get the benefits of Scientology without joining the church.
01:09:56 – Jones asks Ron if his son David should go to prison.
01:22:19 – Ron describes the punishment of “over-boarding.”
01:29:09 – Ron tells the guys what he does now, selling fitness equipment.
01:36:11 – The guys discuss the “Cult of Google.”
01:40:36 – Mike discusses Google’s leftist bent.
01:45:40 – The guys discuss the dismissal of Google Sr. Engineer James Damore.
01:50:24 – Jones is concerned that Google has too much power and silences people at will.
01:55:20 – Mike discusses the strength and scope of Google.
02:00:04 – Was James Damore right to question diversity?
02:04:47 – Jones feels James Damore may have a valid reason for questioning the value of diversity.

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