Jones and Mike – 08/11/15: Jones Gets Pumped, Mike Drops Acid, and Where Are The Bath Salt Zombies?

Jones asks Mike to come up with one drug, recreational or performance enhancing, that he would take if  there would be no negative health consequences or issues with addiction.  Mike is incredibly intrigued by this question, and their discussion causes him to recall having a deathbed confessional with his father over his teenage pot smoking and mushroom consuming days.  After discussing and debating the beneficial effects of various drugs Jones and Mike list the one drug that each one of them would do if they could get away with it.  The guy’s jovial discussion does takes a turn however, as they discuss news reports of a new “weaponized” form of marijuana, and Jones recalls a time he chased a naked man, whacked out on drugs, jogging through Uptown.

Show Highlights:

01:08 – Jones asks Mike to name one drug that he would do if he was assured that he would suffer no ill effects.

08:53 – Mike tells Jones about coming clean with his father, on his deathbed, about his pathetically mild teenage drug use.

19:50 – After much debate and thoughtful pondering Mike and Jones name their consequence free drug(s) of choice.

31:28 – The guys discuss “weaponized” marijuana, and the evolution of marijuana and other recreational drugs today.


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