Jones and Mike – 08/04/15: How Do You Let Your Creep Flag Fly?, and The Vegan vs. Cecil The Assassinated Lion

After watching a news report about a person that dressed up as a circus clown and broke into Rosehill Cemetery, Jones notices his pulse quicken as he watches the report and discovers a latent desire inside of him, a desire to one day do something as creepy as the circus clown from the cemetery. Inspired by the creepy circus clown from Rosehill Jones then spends his week doing “creepy” things on-line and discussing them with other friends of his who also confess to spending their weeknights having odd, “creepy” encounters on-line. Moving on from all things creepy to challenging faux moral outrage, Jones closes out the show by taking on those among us who weep over the murder of Cecil the Lion in between their hearty bites of Chick-fil-a and Wendy’s combo meals.


Show Highlights:

01:06 – Jones and Mike discuss the inner “creep” that lurks inside everyone.

12:37 – Jones details creepy things that he and his friends had done that week while on-line.

22:38 – Jones and Mike mock Jimmy Kimmel for crying over the murder of Cecil the Lion, and resident vegan, Jones, takes all hypocrite meat eating Cecil the Lion lovers to task.


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Cited in this episode:  
Clown Trespasses At Chicago Cemetery In Dead Of Night

Jimmy Kimmel Cries




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