Jones and Mike – 08/02/17: Transgender Soldiers, Kim Jong Un versus Chicago, and UFC 214

* Are there strategic reasons for preventing transgender soldiers from participating in the US military?
* Can Kim Jong Un really hit Chicago with an ICBM? Are you prepared?
* UFC 214, Daniel Cormier cries after losing the most important fight of his career…should he be ashamed?

Show Highlights:
00:01:12 – Mike is worn out from his vacation with the fam.
00:09:59 – Mike learns of Donald Trump’s ban on transgendered military members as Jones brings bring him up to speed on what he missed while he was on vacation.
00:17:47 – Jones reads a responses he received from a soldiers and civilians on Reddit about the issue of the trans ban in the US military.
00:25:40 – Jones details possible battlefield reasons as to why trans soldiers may present a problem for the US military.
00:30:53 – Is transitioning a violation of a soldier’s military agreement?
00:39:37 – Does the case of Bowe Bergdahl have a message that relates to the current issue of trans military members?
00:47:11 – Will Kim Jong Un bomb Chicago?
00:53:38 – Jones wonders, “Is the media actively working to personalize the North Korean ICBM issue?”
01:00:36 – Jones asks Mike, “Between missile launches and missile defense test, could this all be a false flag?”
01:05:23 – Jones hatches a plan to remove Kim Jung Un.
01:12:18 – The guys discuss UFC 214.
01:16:31 – Mike bashes Daniel Cormier for crying after his loss at UFC 214 to Jon Jones.
01:21:55 – The guys debate Joe Rogan’s post-fight apology over his post-fight interview of Daniel Cormier.

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