Jones and Mike – 07/26/17: Your Son as Harley Quinn, R. Kelly Trapping People in the Closet, and Phelps vs. Shark

• How young is too young for a boy to be allowed to dress like a girl?
• Can anything be done about the “cult” of R. Kelly?
• Should Michael Phelps have been forced to race a real shark?

Show Highlights:
00:01:14 – Jones and Mike debate the value of Comic-Con.
00:05:11 – Jones knows a “furry.”
00:09:16 – Jones wonders why Liev Schreiber dressed his eight year-old boy, as a girl, for Comic-Con.
00:15:46 – Jones asks, “Should a father hold an eight year-old boys hand?”
00:20:31 – Are there parents that hope to have trans-children?
00:25:10 – How should a Dad handle a boy that wants to play with Barbie’s and wear girl’s clothing?
00:30:54 – Is everybody a little bit gay?
00:41:56 – The cult of R. Kelly.
00:44:50 – Age ain’t nothing but a number.
00:49:41 – Who loves R. Kelly?
00:54:55 – Does R. Kelly’s Atlanta compound need to be raided?
00:57:15 – Jones freaks out about mind control…and Marshall Applewhite.
01:04:10 – Could R. Kelly’s situation go “Waco?”
01:09:40 – UFC 214
01:16:04 – Michael Phelps versus nature?
01:21:52 – What is a true test of man versus nature?

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