Jones and Mike – 07/19/17: Inviting Women to Poker Night, McGregor the Racist, and Killary

• Is inviting a woman to poker night a bro-code violation?
• Is Conor McGregor a racist?
• Was GOP operative Peter Smith “suicided?”

Show Highlights:
00:01:15 – Jones breaks the bro-code and invites a female to poker night.
00:06:19 – Mike grows concerned as he realizes Jones’s female invite is only 24 year-old.
00:10:59 – Jones knows that he violated the bro-code by inviting a woman to poker night.
00:16:06 – Jones argues that inviting one woman to one poker night does not change poker night forever.
00:20:41 – Mike asks Jones what will happen if his female invite gets crazy.
00:26:16 – Mike is worried that the game will now be opened up to player’s wives.
00:30:59 – McGregor…Mayweather…and race.
00:36:02 – Can Floyd Mayweather read?
00:42:18 – Does Conor McGregor go too far with his public comments?
00:47:29 – Why does the media not address Floyd Mayweather’s racist past?
00:55:40 – Is Floyd Mayweather homophobic?
00:59:52 – Is Conor McGregor rasict?
01:04:41 – Is McGregor/ Mayweather scripted?
01:10:35 – Was Peter Smith “suicided?”
01:15:54 – Would Trump whack a dude?
01:17:35 – The guys go through a list of Clinton enemies and associates that died under mysterious circumstances.
01:33:55 – How can the Clinton’s be associated with so many people that have died under curious circumstances?

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