Jones and Mike – 07/19/15: Should You Covet Thy Neighbor’s Wife?

As millions of men and women panic themselves to near death over the hacking of the extra marital affair website, Ashley Madison, Jones and Mike discuss coveting the wives of other men, and they begin to wonder, “is it impolite not to covet another man’s wife?” The guys discuss times that they have and have not coveted their neighbor’s wives, and noticing that they have never received any negative attention for having done so ask themselves, “are we really that non-threatening?” Closing out the show Mike talks about finding old love letters that he wrote to his future wife back in the day, and the guys discuss the sex lives of citizens around the globe.

Show Highlights:

01:09 – Jones believes that it is impolite to not covet your neighbor’s wife.

11:54 – The guys detail times when they have coveted other’s wives.

26:13 – The guys discuss the laws of attraction, the opposite sex, and why they may be viewed as non-threatening by other males.

41:44 – Mike talks about finding the love letters that he wrote to his future wife back in college, and the guys discuss the sexual practices of other cultures.

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