Jones and Mike – 07/12/17: Jones Makes Fake News on TV; Can Devices Read Your Mind?

* Jones busts himself out for faking a TV news interview?
* Chelsea Handler versus Tomi Lahren, will you be watching?
* Is mind reading technology already being used on us?

Show Highlights:
00:01:08 – Mike applauds Jones for predicting the death of 24 hour “news” services.
00:09:07 – Jones makes fake news during a man on the street interview with a local television station.
00:14:25 – Has TV news conditioned our reactions and responses to the events that surrounds us?
00:22:42 – Jones recalls doing a man on the street interview with a local radio station, and how his answers were edited.
00:28:00 – Broadcasting, radio and television, has become too formulaic.
00:30:59 – Mike wonders if Jones just did a man on the street interview because he wanted to be on TV?
00:34:48 – Jones is upset with his man on the street performance. Mike also recalls an embarrassing broadcasting performance.
00:43:19 – Mike apologizes to his former radio bosses.
00:47:23 – Jones laments the upcoming Chelsea Handler/ Tomi Lahren debate.
00:51:17 – Mike reviews the lineup at Politicon 2017.
00:54:54 – Mike predicts a strong debate performance for Chelsea Handler.
00:59:11 – The guys debate if Chelsea Handler has lost her looks.
01:04:21 – Jones questions Chelsea Handler’s desire to get political.
01:09:08 – Mike talks Chelsea Handler’s arms.
01:15:37 – The guys discuss the creation of mental telepathy hats.
01:21:31 – Jones cites an example of an electronic device possibly reading his mind.
01:29:19 – What will telepathy clothing look like?
01:34:32 – Jones believes technology has the chance to shatter our existence.
01:40:49 – Mike asks Jones if he will use telepathy technology.

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