Jones and Mike – 07/05/17: Clothes Shopping for Masculinity, and the War on Boys

• Is consumerism killing men, and can vintage fashion save them?
• Is modern day culture at odds with developing boys?

Show Highlights:
00:01:09 – Is consumerism destroying masculinity?
00:05:31 – Can style destroy meaningless consumerism?
00:11:41 – Does Jones need David Lynch’s hair?
00:15:00 – Jones believes that clothes make the man.
00:21:20 – Jones wants to wear other men’s clothes.
00:25:53 – The guys shop for vintage men’s clothing on eBay.
00:33:59 – Can you leave your energy in your clothing?
00:44:53 – Can wearing your Dad’s clothes be empowering?
00:51:38 – Is there a cultural war that is working against the development of our boys?
00:59:45 – Was Jones prevented from being a leader as boy because of his height?
01:05:29 – Jones says that modern culture is incompatible with masculinity.
01:09:21 – Mike believes that the eradication of masculinity is part of a larger plan.
01:14:02 – Women have always ruled the roost.
01:19:00 – Women always want men that have their “s***” together.
01:25:15 – Why do women ask for gender role shifts that they don’t want?

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