Jones and Mike – 06/28/17: Bad Selfies, Life Cops, and a Johnny Depp Intervention!

* How do you tell a friend that their social media presence is sinking them?
* Are you financially secure…Johnny Depp thought he was.

Show Highlights:
00:01:13 – Jones laments when women try too hard to get a man.
00:05:02 – What do you do when a friend continuously puts themselves in a bad light in social media?
00:10:02 – Jones approaches a friend about toning down their appearance.
00:15:04 – Are cellphones destroying relationships?
00:20:09 – Mike talks about friends and neighbors divorcing in Naperville.
00:25:35 – Jones thinks that everyone needs a life cop.
00:37:02 – The guys breakdown Johnny Depp’s personal finances.
00:39:21 – Jones believes that everyone should keep a cop or a firemen as a personal confidant.
00:45:55 – Jones breaks down Johnny Depp’s assets and expenditures.
00:50:12 – Jones gives an example when it is acceptable to demand money from a friend.
01:01:51 – Jones details when he credits people for losing money.

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