Jones and Mike – 06/25/15: Do Sports Talkers Know What They’re Talking About?; Is Sports The Tie That Binds Or A Distraction?

Chicago is up and Jones is down. Yes, we are Stanley Cup Champions, but who in this town is really talking about hockey…not just the Cup…not just the Blackhawks…but hockey, NHL hockey? Jones insists no one, and it is this fact that makes him very, very sad. In all the gloom and doom however Jones does see a ray of light as he notes how sports brings family and friends together like no other form of entertainment, music, television and film be damned, no seriously, damn them!

Show Highlights:

01:06 – Jones insists that sports are more important than music, television or film in contemporary culture.

08:54 – Jones and Mike remember moments in sports that brought their family and friends together.

19:54 – Jones laments the lack of hockey knowledge among Chicago sports reporters and announcers.

30:44 – Jones praises two sports reporters in town that in his opinion know the game of hockey.


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