Jones and Mike – 06/16/15: Will Millenials Kill Comedy?, Can You Choose To Be Black?

In light of Jerry Seinfeld’s recent public comments on the overly politically correct nature of millennials, Jones and Mike hand the mic to two Chicago comedians, Matt Chiaramonte and Martin Morrow, to discuss the effects that PC group think has on entertainers and their material.  Jones is “aghast” as both Matt and Martin detail the alterations that both feel they must make to appease audiences.  Mike questions if this growing PC attitude is really just an issue among millennials, as he recalls Louis CK’s recent and controversial performance on Saturday Night Live.  The guys close out the show discussing controversial NAACP leader, Rachel Dolezal, and the idea that one can choose their race.

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Show Highlights:

1:06 – Jones and Mike discuss Jerry Seinfeld’s recent comments on political correctness among Millennials.

10:44 – Jones and Mike talk to Chicago comedians, Matt Chiaramonte and Martin Morrow, about political correctness and the effect that it has on an entertainer’s material.

27:38 – The guys discuss the public reaction to Louis CK’s recent controversial routine on Saturday Night Live.

43:14 – Mike addresses, Rachel Dolezal the controversial leader of the Spokane, Washington branch of the NAACP, and the guys discuss the notion that one can choose his or her race.



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