Jones and Mike – 06/15/16: Is There a Culture of Rape in America?, And Why Does Everyone Lose Their Mind at Soldier Field?

As the guys discuss the sentencing…if you can call it that…of ex-Stanford swimmer, Brock Turner, for the rape of an intoxicated, unconscious woman in January of this year, Jones declares that the United States of America is now a culture of rapists. Can it be our short attention spans that are fueling our rape culture? (The guys…Jones for sure…thinks so!) And after enduring another disaster while attending an event at Soldier Field Jones is left to wonder, “Why do people that attend events at Soldier Field suck so much?

Show Highlights:

00:01:06 – Jones believes that a culture of rape exists in America.

00:11:45 – Do short attention spans contribute to the creation of a rape culture?

00:34:50 – The guys wonder why spectators always lose control at Soldier Field?







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