Jones and Mike – 06/14/17: Naked Bicyclists, Man Camp, NBA GOAT

* Would you go naked in public if it was socially acceptable?
* Do modern men need to attend “Man Camps” to re-discover their true masculine nature?
* Which team is the greatest of all time, the ‘96 Bulls or the ‘17 Warriors?

Show Highlights:
00:01:13 – Jones stumbles upon a parade of naked cyclists.
00:05:05 – Jones describes the wall of flesh.
00:12:25 – Mike has nightmares of being naked in public.
00:17:20 – Jones happens upon a man that is taking liberties with himself in public.
00:22:25 – Mike wonders if the naked cyclists are leftist commies.
00:30:37 – Mike wants to attend Garrett White’s Warrior Week.
00:35:40 – Why does Warrior Week matter?
00:40:50 – Jones questions the methods used at Warrior Week.
00:45:13 – Is there value to being punched in the face?
00:50:30 – Jones wonders, “Is it safe to always be alpha?”
00:56:26 – Jones thinks Mike is always on the verge of getting into physical altercations.
00:58:44 – Mike challenges Jones about his own attempts at being a warrior.
01:04:12 – Which team is the greatest of all time, the ‘96 Bulls or the ‘17 Warriors?
01:10:01 – Should Kevin Durant have stayed in Oklahoma City?
01:16:00 – Is Kevin Durant the next Peyton Manning? What?







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