Jones and Mike – 06/08/16: Why are dogs not bipedal? Is our planet flat? Was Ali really the greatest?

In the wake of the death of America’s favorite primate, Harambe, some are questioning why the great beast did not achieve more in his short time on Earth, and you can count Jones among those asking that question. The guys discuss the notion of settled science, evolution, climate change, etc., and they find themselves asking, “How much of settled science is truly settled?” After all, could the Earth actually be flat, Mike seems to think it’s a maybe, and Jones is all ears. And most blasphemous of all, the guys close out the show debating Muhammad Ali’s legacy, was he really “The Greatest?”

Show Highlights:

00:01:08 – Jones wonders if Rush Limbaugh isn’t right to question evolution.

00:12:57 – Jones asks if evolution is real, “why are dogs not bipedal yet?”

00:27:57 – Mike wonders, “Is it possible that Earth is actually flat?”

00:48:48 – Mike questions if Muhammad Ali was really, truly, a remarkable man.







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