Jones and Mike – 06/07/17: Kathy Griffin, Trumps Severed Head and Fasting for Weight Loss

* Is Kathy Griffin being unfairly persecuted?
* Looking to lose weight? Mike is fasting his way to a fit body, if it’s good for him, can is be good for you?
* And why shop anywhere other than Amazon?

Show Highlights:
00:01:15 – Mike burns his Dad body and runs from his daughter and her friend.
00:04:45 – Kathy Griffin and the Donald’s severed head.
00:09:46 – Jones details the other celebrities that have threatened the POTUS.
00:13:45 – Jones has no sympathy for Kathy Griffin.
00:21:15 – Jones meets Kathy Griffin.
00:26:38 – Jones wonders if he is stuck in an echo chamber.
00:27:04 – Farting in your father’s face.
00:33:23 – Mike promotes the Bijou Theater in high school.
00:38:44 – Mike lists other celebs that have lost their mind.
00:50:41 – Fasting, it’s not just for Muslims anymore, can it really be the new dieting trend?
00:56:25 – Mike details the fasting diet of Brooklyn 99 actor, Terry Crews.
01:04:27 – Jones questions that he is capable of fasting successfully.
01:09:27 – Never an Amazon shopper, Jones swears he’ll never walk into a story again.
01:11:30 – Jones has a challenging experience at his local Guitar Center.
01:20:20 – Jones shopping woes continue, Home Depot, Office Max, etc., etc.

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