Jones and Mike – 06/07/15: Jones Turns The Page For Love, Mike Thinks The NBA Looks Like a Plantation, and Should Blackhawks Bandwagoners Be Loved Or Loathed?

The summer wind came blowin’ in: Mike decides that it is time to make changes in his life, and Jones agrees and decides that it is time for him to find love. Never having been big fans of the on-line dating scene, Jones and Mike decide to hit the classified section in The Chicago Reader. Paydirt is hit when Jones meets a young lady with serious potential.  After taking Jones’s love life to the next level, the guys go full on locker room as Mike questions the Chicago Bulls latest coaching hire, Fred Hoiberg.  Disappointed with the selection of Mr. Hoiberg, Mike asks why are there so few black coaches in the NBA?  Closing out the show, the guys continue with the locker room vibe as they debate the value of the many who have hopped aboard the Chicago Blackhawks’ bandwagon. Love ‘em or leave ‘em? Find out on another scintillating edition of Jones and Mike!

Show Highlights:

01:07 – Mike discovers that he needs to focus on lightening up, and Jones decides it is time for him to find love.

08:51 – Mike tries to find Jones a date for an upcoming wedding via classified ads in The Chicago Reader.

27:35 – The Chicago Bulls hire Fred Hoiberg, and Mike wonders why there are so few black head coaches in the NBA.

43:41 – Jones and Mike discuss Chicago Blackhawks bandwagon jumpers, should they be celebrated, or dealt with in the harshest of terms?

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