Jones and Mike – 06/02/15: A Local Exorcist Helps “TV Ghost Hunter” Jones Decide If He’ll Accept The #CharlieCharlieChallenge

On a particularly creepy edition of Jones and Mike, the guys discuss the demon inducing game, Charlie, Charlie with local exorcist Fr. Michael Maginot.  Curious as to what is going on in his pre-teen’s bedroom as he watches her continually charge away from the family each day Mike questions his daughter about participating in a new viral, demon conjuring, game that kids are now playing and posting about on You Tube called, Charlie, Charlie.  Discussing all things Beelzebub Jones and Mike talk about demonic possession and exorcisms with Fr. Maginot, and Mike seeks Fr. Maginot’s blessing to force Jones to particiapte in the Charlie, Charlie Challenge.  Closing out their discussion about demonic possession and things that go bump in the night Jones talks about his days as a paranormal investigator and he plays audio of demon voices that he captured while on investigation.

Show Highlights:

01:05 – Upon learning about the Charlie, Charlie Challenge Mike expresses concern about his pre-teen daughter and the fact that she now constantly retreats to her bedroom, sealing herself away behind a closed door.  Is she being exposed to occultist activities in her bedroom?

13:37 – Jones and Mike talk about the Charlie, Charlie Challenge with local exorcist, Fr. Michael Maginot.

28:28 – Fr. Michael Maginot explains what led to an Indiana family being afflicted by demonic possession.

54:47 – Jones plays audio from paranormal investigations that he conducted in the past.







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