Jones and Mike – 05/31/17: Triggering Snowflakes and Mocking the Manchester “Oasis”

Have we become so overly PC that identifying a modern day Archer Bunker is the next logical step to getting us back on track?
And is it okay to be angry about the bombing of the Manchester Arena?

Show Highlights:
00:01:00 – Jones defends, Anaheim Ducks center, Ryan Getzlaf, and his use of profanity toward an NHL official.
00:05:19 – Mike panics over profanity. Can words really hurt?
00:10:05 – Jones questions if he can become a triggered snowflake.
00:14:27 – Jones wonders if Archie Bunker should become our guiding light for non-PC conversation.
00:18:57 – Mike discusses feeling uncomfortable expressing myself as a white male.
00:24:20 – Jones warns Mike off white guilt, and relays a story of triggering a co-worker.
00:29:20 – Jones wants to get hooked up with the Black Bachelorette.
00:35:11 – The guys wonder what makes a racial reference PC, or unPC.
00:39:43 – Jones recalls a unique story from the Michael Richards Laugh Factory incident in 2006.
00:46:15 – How to think your way through PC clutter.
00:50:48 – Mike asks, “Has the world changed since Manchester?”
00:53:18 – The guys wonder why the people of Manchester, England are choosing to not look back in anger at the tragic events that took place at the Manchester Arena.
00:58:21 – Jones and Mike discuss the Gallagher Brothers torture of one another, and the gross failure of Liam Gallagher’s voice.







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