Jones and Mike – 05/25/17: Tragedy in the UK, Chris Cornell, Kurt Cobain’s Murder, and Mike’s Widow?

Terror has struck Manchester, England and Jones and Mike want to know, do international terror events make you feel more vulnerable? Closer to home, the guys also discuss the recent death of Chris Cornell and begin to wonder, given the long, tragic, list of celebrity rock star deaths, is music safe for the youth of America? And were Chris Cornell and Kurt Cobain really murdered? Jones and Mike debate and let you decide.


Show Highlights:

00:01:00 – Jones and Mike discuss the terror attacks at the MEN Arena in Manchester, England.

00:05:15 – Jones struggles with the Islamic response to attacks of terror.

00:12:10 – The guys discuss the death of Chris Cornell.

00:14:21 – Jones reviews the list of great 90s rock stars that are no longer with us.

00:21:27 – Jones discusses Harry Styles solo album.

00:28:27 – Jones thinks that, for better or for worse, drugs make creative performances better.

00:36:17 – Mike considers the death of Chris Cornell to be murder and not suicide.

00:40:55 – Jones discusses the role of Ativan in the death of Chris Cornell.

00:44:50 – The guys discuss the despair that resides in the minds of middle-aged men.

00:48:55 – Jones tells Mike about the time he saved a suicidal man’s life.

00:52:50 – Jones tells Mike that he believes that Kurt Cobain was murdered.

00:59:20 – Jones discusses how Kurt Cobain’s attorney, Rosemary Carroll, suspect that Courtney Love played a role in his death.

01:05:10 – The level of heroin in Kurt Cobain’s body was three times greater than a typical lethal dose.

01:12:57 – The guys discuss the myth of the “Cobain Curse.”

01:20:08 – Mike’s daughter becomes concerned with his upcoming heart disease testing.

01:24:15 – Mike thinks that people are more worried about his wife becoming a widow than Mike dying.

01:27:41 – Mike drinks Tecate.

01:29:58 – Jones wonders if Mike’s short fuse is the leading cause to his “wonky” heart.







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